What Is IPDE Defensive Driving Process?

What Is IPDE Defensive Driving Process?

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Undoubtedly, driving is a vital part of our life to be self-dependant. Having good driving skills are necessary for safe travel. However, learning driving is one of the complicated tasks, we may face numerous problems while driving on roads. To lessen the issues occurring in your driving, people must know about the technique that is basic of defensive driving.

The technique is called IPDE defensive driving. IPDE stands for Identify, Predict, Decide and Execute. This strategy helps you to avoid the potential dangers, and troublesome problems cause unnecessary road accidents.

Below is detailed information about the four vital steps to learn the defensive driving.

  • Identify
    Identify is the first process, in which a learner survey the surrounding area to identify the certain factors may bring the hazards while driving. For this, you must use your visual ability to scan, analyze and assess the situation under control. Take a look of the conditions, circumstances and features on your surrounding, and your vehicle is a necessity to take the right step.
  • Predict
    The learner must have the ability to instincts and quick thinking to predict and foresee what could likely to happen on getting into a different problem. You might also have to predict the possible actions while driving that may constitute a potential problem. A prediction step is essential and quite hard as you have to understand what could happen within a few moments.
  • Decide
    Decide means determine the best course of action by prediction to at least alleviate the worse case scenarios in the given situation. A quick judgment is vital because when you are in such a position, your braking distance gets shorter each second to delay you in taking the right decision.
  • Execute
    Execute is the last step that refers, once you have chosen the right action, you have to execute by maneuvering your vehicle to avoid conflicts immediately. The course of action could be braking, accelerating, steering, decelerating and much more depending on the situation.

By following the driving steps mentioned above, you will become a defensive driver. The IPDE is genuinely a useful principle for all drivers to prevent damages on the road. If you are interested in learning defensive driving skills, contact Universal Driving School in Calgary. Our experienced trainers help the students to learn safe driving.