5 Mistakes A New Driver Should Avoid

5 Mistakes A New Driver Should Avoid

Driving Instructor

It will be an amazing experience for you holding your new licensed car. This will give you limitless happiness, and you feel like a dream come true. But, before you go on the road with your car, here are some common mistakes that new drivers often make and you have to overcome them.

  • Speeding

    In excitement, you may drive car very fast, and thus, you will be unable to control during an emergency, and this will end up with a major problem.

  • Neglecting To Scan The Road Ahead

    The new driver doesn’t pay attention to the dangers on roads such as potholes or other cars. Mostly, they learn the potential hazard when they experience it.

  • Overcrowding The Car

    Adding too many friends in your new car to take them to the party can be risky. It increases the risk of a crash by 44 percent, which you never want to face in your journey.

  • Following Too Closely

    The rule of thumb is if you are going 50mph, leave at least 3 seconds between you and first car. Add one second for every 10mph over 50mph. Following too closely will lead to a car crash.

  • Not Wearing Seat Belt

    Unfortunately, the teen does not wear the seat belt until they get a reminder. This is because they are not frequent to buckle their seatbelt. But, this results in delivering the major problem. Additionally, not wearing a seat belt is against the law.

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