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Driving Lessons

Our highly trained and licensed trainers are here to assist you on your journey to successfully pass the road test to gain your driving license. Before applying for your new license and road test, make sure you are familiar with all the rules and regulations and you have completed your driving classes.

We, at Universal Driving School in Calgary, offer driving classes and improve the general driving skills of people who are in process to apply for car driver’s license. Our experienced driving instructors offer lessons along with complete driving lessons to prepare you for your important day of road test.

  • Whether you are applying for commercial or non-commercial driving test, it is crucial to book your appointment first. In case, if you want to cancel your appointment due to an emergency or personal reasons, make sure you cancel it before 48 hours of scheduled test date.
  • Whether you pass the test or not or cancel your appointment, the fee of road test is non-refundable.
  • The road test permits that you will get after completing the road test, are valid only for one year.
  • If you lost your road test permits, you have to pay $15.50 to get a new permit.
  • In case, if you fail to attend the test on the fixed date and time, you must wait for the next day for the driving exam and register again.

Important Things Keep In Mind on the Day of the Test

  • On the day of the test, reach 15-20 minutes before the test. Visit your test center prior to reach quickly on test day..
  • Take your valid road test permit with you. They will ask you to show the appropriate road test permit
  • Make sure you tell them the class of vehicle for which you are undergoing the test.
  • If you are taking a rented vehicle with you for test, it is essential that you have a vehicle rent agreement copy with you.
  • Avoid bringing along anyone with you. That’s because no one is allowed to sit with you in the car during the road test.
  • Make sure you submit copies of your ID proof to complete all the formalities. It helps to get your license as soon as possible.

We, at Universal Driving School in Calgary, provide you the driving lessons and the study material that helps you to become a professional driver. We have a team of fully trained, licensed and insured instructors that are always ready to guide you. Our entire staff is committed to guide you how to attempt your first road test and get the license.

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