Stopped By Traffic Officer? Know Your Rights As A Driver

Stopped By Traffic Officer? Know Your Rights As A Driver

Traffic Officer

Almost every driver experience a deal with the traffic police whether they have broken any rule or not. This is because the traffic police have the right to follow the law and ensure society is maintained. Although the officer can not pull you over, they can ask you some specific questions related to the driving license. Below you will learn how to deal with a traffic police officer.

What Can A Traffic Officer Do?

  • A traffic officer holds absolute authority on the roads, and everyone is expected to obey their instructions.
  • They can demand your driving license and vehicle document.
  • They can impound the documents in case of any offense done by you.
  • In return, they give you an acknowledgement receipt or impound slip.
  • They have the power to hold on and detain your vehicle if you have improper documents.
  • If you are committing an offense on the road, the officer in uniform can arrest you without any warrant.

What Are Your Right When Dealing With Traffic Officer?

  • You must immediately stop your vehicle when the officer gives you a signal to stop.
  • If they ask, show them all the necessary documents.

What If You Have Committed An Offense?

  • Avoid getting into an argument if you have committed an offense. Instead, explain them kindly and ask for a pardon.
  • Remember to take a valid receipt or slip because the traffic police cannot take away the documents without providing you with the acknowledgement slip.
  • The male officer cannot search or touch the female driver.
  • Your vehicle cannot be towed away for as long as the driver is sitting in it.
  • The officer can not force you to get out of the vehicle, and he can’t confiscate your keys.
  • In case you are arrested in a violation of the law, you will be taken to the police station immediately. If you are detained, you have to present in court within 24 hours of your detention.

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