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Lane Changing Tips & Techniques – Learner’s Guide

For every learner driver, changing lanes can be a daunting task. You need to control the car speed while estimating the speed of oncoming traffic in the lane you want to move to. For professionals it can be a quick decision, but beginners always take time to figure out what needs to be done.

But if you follow the golden rule of “mirror – signal – maneuver”, you will be able to change the lanes with confidence.

The two common reasons when you want to change the lane are when you are overtaking or you have got into the wrong lane. No matter, what the reason is, the process in each case is similar.

  • Overtaking
    When you want to overtake, figure out the distance and speed of oncoming traffic. If you are confused, just wait. Let the lane, into which you want to move, get clear, follow the golden rule and move on. It is advisable to never overtake near a bend, where your vision of the lane is not clear.
  • Changing lanes on a dual carriagewayThere are times when you will have to get to the other lane when driving on a dual carriageway, but it’s important to estimate your exact exit point. It is better to stay in a slower lane than to miss your exit and get stuck in an outer lane. When you do change lanes, apart from following the golden rule, you should also determine the position and speed of traffic in the faster lane. This is a skill which develops gradually when you practice, so make sure you stay in a slower lane until you get a clear space.

The wrong lane

Getting into a wrong lane is something that happens to even the most experienced drivers. In such scenario, don’t panic or change the lane suddenly. Use the same procedure as mentioned above; if the lane is not clear, just wait for the traffic to clear. It’s far safer to go on to the next exit or junction than changing the lanes without taking care.

These are some of the tricks and techniques that can help a learner change the lane safely and confidently. If you want professional drivers to teach you defensive driving, then come to us at Universal Driving School. Our expert car driving instructors will help you achieve your driving goals quickly and affordably.

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