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Fuel Saving Tips By Driving Instructors

Whenever you decide to own a car, the first thing that comes in your mind is fuel efficiency. As per your usage, you will think about the option that is cost saving.

Keeping the requirements of people, here are listed some simple technique using which you can save on fuel while driving your car.

How To Save On Fuel

  1. Steady Speed Limit: 50kmph in the highest gear is the recommended speed limit to save a lot of fuel.
  2. Accelerator Push: Avoid pushing of the accelerator down for a longer time to lower the change of gear, which is another reason behind much consumption of fuel.
  3. Air Conditioning: Keep your air conditioner off when you are driving as it consumes fuel. You should even avoid the use of air-con for a longer time and move around using windows.
  4. Unnecessary Weight: Unnecessary weight kept in the car will pull more fuel. So, avoid to overload your car.
  5. Roof Rack: Mostly, the roof rack installed in your car increases the drag and results in fuel consumption. Remove them if they are not in use.
  6. Tire Pressure: Less pressure in your tire than your vehicle needs will require more fuel to pull on. So, check the tire pressure and keep it maintained.
  7. Service: The quality of your car engine oil impacts fuel consumption. Make sure your car is periodically serviced using goof quality engine oil.

Follow these simple tips to save on fuel explained by professionals at Universal Driving School in Calgary. Whether you want to know more or improve your driving skills, we are just one call away from you.

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