3 Defensive Driving Techniques To Prevent Road Accidents

3 Defensive Driving Techniques To Prevent Road Accidents

Defensive Driving Techniques

Do you want to be a better driver? If yes, keep two things in your mind. Never assume that other drivers on the road are driving carefully and another thing is, never try to be highly skilled to drive on any road type.

Always be careful when you are on the road. Sometimes, you are going to drive safely, but others may not. So, here are a few defensive driving techniques to follow.

  • Look Ahead
    Scan the roadway for possible changes in driving conditions and ensure to respond as early as required to avoid dangerous situations. Make sure to look forward and around is essential for safe driving.
  • Leave Enough Space To React
    Leave some space to react to sudden changes and maintain your control over your speed so that you can safely adjust to an unexpected situation. You need to adjust at least 2 seconds that is recommended for adequate reaction time to sudden changes.
  • Be Alert & Distraction Free
    Distracted driving causes drivers to miss the actions of other drivers and changing road conditions that cause road accidents. Avoid using a cell phone, or other devices while driving such as changing radio stations.

In a nutshell, defensive driving requires the vast knowledge and strict observance of driving rules. It also includes learning about illegal actions. First of all, improve your driving skills before you come on the road. Feel free to reach us at Universal Driving School in Calgary. For the past many years, we have been teaching car driving skills to college students, working professional or just to anyone. To book your appointment, call us today.