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How To Become A Safe On-Road Driver?

If you are new to driving and have passion about learning to drive, then you can become a perfect driver with just a few months of regular practice. Driving on the Alberta highways isn’t that easy the way it seems. No matter how trained driver you are, there is need to remain active and attentive while driving to prevent any risk of accidents.

If you have recently passed your driving test, and want to become a safe driver, here the few tips you need to know and follow:

  1. On reaching the highway, further up the distance on the road by looking at it carefully. This will help you in recognizing and responding to the developing hazards.
  2. Always drive at the desired speed limit and make sure you maintain a safe stopping distance from the vehicle moving in the front.
  3. Once you develop the habit of looking at the far and near distances, it will become easy to anticipate what actions or roadsides other drivers may take.
  4. Always remain attentive on the road and never assume that the other motorist or car driver has seen you or will react as you expect them too.
  5. Follow each and every driving lesson your instructor has taught you like looking into the rear view mirrors and giving indicators before taking a turn.
  6. To prevent accidents or injuries, always make sure you change lanes properly after informing those coming from behind with the help of indicators.
  7. The driving comes with constant learning and every time you come on the road, there are chances that you’ll surely experience something unique and different. Learn from your mistakes instead of ignoring them.
  8. It is vital to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle going ahead of you and the one approaching from behind.
  9. Never drive if you are feeling tired, uneasy or sleepy. If you have to reach somewhere urgently and you are feeling drowsy, open your window slightly and allow some air to enter inside the car.
  10. Don’t make sudden movements or wrong turns even if you have realized that you are driving in the wrong direction. Wait till the next available exit and take a slow turn.

These are some of the ways to drive safely on the road. If you are looking to learn car driving skills from the expert driving instructors, consider enrolling yourself for the driving classes at Universal Driving School in Calgary.


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