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5 Tips For Beginners To Learn Car Driving

If you are at the initial stage of learning to drive a car, then there is a lot of things you must keep in mind. Driving is not an easy task as one must be careful while holding a steering wheel. Individuals who are totally new to drive face many difficulties. They have to follow some do’s and dont’s of driving. So, for those learners the following tips will really help in quick grasping:

  • Arrange Your Sitting

The most important thing that a driver must learn is to arrange the sitting position according to comfort. If the seating position is not correct, then it enhances the chances of accidents. Your seat should be arranged in the manner that you can see all around from your position.

  • Hold Steering wheel Correctly

A learner must know the correct way to hold a steering wheel. One must have a maximum control on the wheel rather than looking here and there. The most recommended position to hold a steering is in the direction of 9’o clock or 3’o clock.

  • Keep Slow speed

If you are at the initial stage of learning, then always prefer to keep the speed slow. One must be familiar of the behind car before start speeding. If you move with the slow speed, then it can lower the chance of accidents.

  • Maintain A Distance

It is important to maintain a distance from the vehicle that is moving in front of you. This one is the best way to drive safely. With the help of powerful braking systems, a learner can handle the whole driving situation.

  • Follow The Rules

One must avoid the distractions and just keep the rules of the road in mind. A learner must follow all the signals on road correctly. It is necessary to avoid eating, listening music at a high sound and deep conversations. These only increase the chance of accidents.

However, apart from these tips, be always calm while driving. When you drive in stress this will force you to over speed and can result in some damage. To have proper learning, you can take proper coaching from the experts at Universal Driving School.

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