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5 Easy Tips To Drive Safely On Ice and Snow

No matter, how much expert you are in driving, it isn’t easy to keep a control on the vehicle on a snowy road. If you are residing in the cold climatic conditions, chances are that your surroundings will be covered with ice and snow during most of the year. It is therefore crucial for you to learn car driving on slippery roads and surfaces. If you are a novice teen who has recently learned to get control on the vehicle, then either avoid traveling in such conditions or enroll yourself in a winter car driving program.

Some of the tips to follow while driving on ice filled roads are:

  • Don’t rush

Leave early and take out enough of time to reach your destination. Since the roads are slippery, its advised not to drive speedily. Before taking out your car from the garage, make sure to warm up the engine properly. While setting off for your journey, clean all the rear view, front mirrors, windscreen and windows to ensure that you can clear view whats coming from front and backside.

  • Slow down

Driving on an icy road is quite difficult and even the expert drivers fail most of the times. Only if you are moving slowly, you can manage to have control on the car. High speeds are risky and often leads to life threatening accidents. To stay safe on roads, drive slowly and carefully.

  • Take it up a gear

While setting off to drive on icy roads, make sure that you drive in a higher gear. This will not only help in managing speed, but will also allow a driver to hold a better grip of tires over the ice covered surfaces and roads.

  • Give it a space

If you are about to stop on a snowy road, increase your stopping distance up to 10 times than usual. This rule is also applicable while driving. Always keep a large gap between the vehicles moving ahead of you to avoid collisions.

  • Stay calm in a skid

If your are moving towards a steeper area, apply slight breaks to prevent skidding. In case, your car skids, immediately press down the clutch and turn the steering wheel towards the skidding direction. Stay calm and straighten up to steer along the road.

These are the few things to keep in mind while driving on ice and snow. If you are a novice driver who wants to learn to drive on slippery roads, enroll yourself in car driving lessons at Universal Driving.

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