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3 Ways You Can Check The Blind Spots While Driving

Being a driver, it is necessary for you to check the blind spots on your own vehicle and others. Knowing this will secure you from the unwanted accidents. Blind spots are the sides of your car that can be seen via side mirrors of your vehicle. Whenever you change lanes or merging, you have to check car blind spots via driver view. In case you don’t have mirrors, you have to turn your neck back to look around what is going out. All this requires for keeping you safe from the accidents or serious injury.

  • Look Carefully
    You will have to make concentration towards where, when and how to look 360 degrees around your vehicle. This will help you to take the view of signs, signals and roadway markings. Make sure to observe your side rear areas as well as check mirrors after 3-5 seconds to check the blind spots.
  • Communication With Drivers
    Use the distinct methods to sign the other drivers about your moving path. For example, you can use the directional signals, headlights, hand signals, horn, hazard lights, brake lights, reverse lights, etc.
  • Cushion Safety
    Maintain the distance of 3-5 seconds from the front. Moreover, we can’t predict what the vehicles behind us will do, so you need to be aware by checking the mirrors and blind spots to determine their actions. In case you are tailgated, you can reduce the speed and increase the distance for preventing abrupt braking.
  • Before Entering Your Vehicle
  • Check the surrounding areas to find whether you can move your vehicle or not.
  • Examine the car conditions if it is ready to bear with the pressure.
  • Detect the excessive fluid leaks that indicate about any technical issue in your vehicle.

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